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A leader company

In public spaces there is nothing more important of crowd protection. securcongress has the experience and the means to protect large and small room, places and events. The preference granted by the most prestigious Public and Private Bodies, by the organizers of major events confirms securcongress as one of the most reliable companies in Italy.


Guarantee of absolute security

securcongress security systems can be used in any context where it is necessary to guarantee absolute security: fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, hospitals, boarding, airports, rooms, places and events where safety is one of the absolute priorities. securcongress offers consulting, rental and sale of all systems.

Some installations curated by securcongress

Ambasciata Italiana Santa Sede


Anno Culturale della Cina - Teatro dell'Opera

FAI - Banca d'Italia

20° congresso energia


FERRARI - (Maranello)

Firma Costituzione Europea

Forum Europeo del Turismo

Frecce Tricolore

G7 - Taormina


G8 Roma - Lecce

Mostra del Cinema di Venezia


Osce - (Roma)

Parma (Fiera)



Villa Rosbery