EMA Series
9 October 2013
8 October 2015


The XIS-1080D is an advanced X-ray inspection system that offers tunnel dimensions of 101 x 80 cm (40 “x 31.4”). Significantly, with a reduced conveyor height of only 30 cm (12 “), it facilitates rapid loading and is well suited for screening heavy objects.

With a redesigned XIS-1080 frame, the XIS-1080D embodies efficiency and ease of use for operators. The XIS-1080D boasts reliability and increased throughput through its convenient conveyor height.

In addition, the XIS-1080D X-ray inspection system is the smallest in the XIS series for medium-capacity screening and is ideal for environments with high congestion, limited space space and heavy object screening.



Tunnel dimensions (L x A):
101 cm x 80 cm / 40 “x 31.4”

Dimensions (L x W x H):
236.6 cm x 127.5 cm x 171.7 cm / 93.3 “x 50.3″ x 68 ”

X-ray generator:
180kV, operating at 165kV