9 October 2007
9 October 2009



The miniEXPLONIX uses the unique IRSSIL-D technology for fast and precise detection of explosive traces in a wide field of operations. The detection capability covers a wide range of explosives, including homemade explosives as well as non-tagged explosives. The miniEXPLONIX has an internal calibration system and fast cleaning times that are ahead of competing products. With its miniaturized size, robustness and precision, the miniEXPLONIX is a tool for real field/military use. In combination with its low maintenance costs and minimized consumables expenses, the miniEXPLONIX is way ahead of its competitors, combining clinical advantages with low total ownership costs. This brings a total new experience for easy, cost-effective and reliable field use.

The main advantages of the miniEXPLONIX:

  • The new IRSSIL-D technology for fast detection, fast cleaning and extreme resistance to interfering chemicals
  • No radioactive source
  • Suitable for all users without a need of special training/education with extremely simple, user friendly handling
  • Extremely fast start-up (5-15 sec.) and detection (1-2 sec.)
  • Detection of all types of explosives incl. homemade explosives
  • Very easy to use with one-touch operation (ON/OFF/DETECTION)
  • Semi-selective, continuous infrared mode for detection of vapors for example via documents like tickers or swipes
  • Extremely resistant to interfering chemicals and organic compounds like perfumes, etc., ensures unbeatably low false alarm rate!
  • Dimensions: 249 x 48 x 65 mm
  • Battery operation: up to 24 hours (depending on intensity of use), two exchangeable batteries optional
  • Weight: 400 grams without batteries, 685 grams including batteries
  • Remote factory diagnoses and calibration via Internet
  • Full remote control via wire, WiFi or Internet from your laptop